On This Day In The Viking Age
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1 August


939 – Battle of Trans-la-Forêt

This battle was fought in Brittany. The Duke of Brittany Alan II sought to extract himself from the weakening West Frankish empire, but also to rid his duchy of the groups of the Vikings who had settled here after 931. The Bretons won and the Vikings left.

More on the Vikings in Brittany can be found in the book by Neil Price (Viking Society for Northern Research, 1989).

984 – Death of Æthelwold, bishop of Winchester

Bishop Æthelwold was one of the leaders of the Church reforms that took place during king Edgar’s reign. Later, he supported and guided the young king Æthelred, Edgar’s son. He died around the time that the second wave of Viking attacks started, and a young, but adult Æthelred was ready to take control of the kingdom himself.

See the fine manuscript that was Æthelwold’s personal possession on the British Library.

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