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10 July


1086, Murder of Cnut the Holy

Cnut IV, or Cnut the Holy. He unsuccessfully raided England against William the Conqueror. But due to his politics, a peasant revolt broke out and Cnut was killed.

There is a fine publication about his life on the Odense museum website.

1103, Death of Erik I of Denmark

Eric the Good, was a younger brother of Cnut the Holy. He ensured his brother’s canonization and a separate archbishopric that would diminish the control of the Archbishops of Hamburg-Bremen in Denmark. He and his wife went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land shortly after the first crusade. Going via Byzantium. He died on Cyprus, before reading Jerusalem. But the place of his burial is disputed to this day.

See CPH Post Online.
The History of Denmark podcast, episode 7 ‘Sweyn Estridson and his sons.’

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