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11 April

Last updated 28 March 2021

Featured Image: Mosel by Remich (Wikipedia | AnRo0002 | CC0).

882 – Battle of Remich

The Vikings cross the Channel in 879 and start raiding the European continent. Two Frankish kings try to stop them. The Vikings lose the battle of Thimeon (880). But Louis the Younger, king of the East Franks, is distracted by the death of his son and fails to push on and vanquish them. The Northmen push on and meet the king of the West Franks, Louis III at the battle of Saucourt (881). Louis’ victory is unexpected and propels him to fame and glory among his people. Yet, he dies shortly afterwards at a young age.

And the Vikings move further inland, quite undeterred. Finally, they meet a Frankish army at Remich in 882. This time, they defeat a count and two archbishops, but strangely enough, do not press further southwards (see: Portal Rheinische Geschichte (chapter 6 relates to the battle of Remich [German language]).

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