On This Day In The Viking Age
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12 November


Feast of Saint Lebuinus

An Anglo-Saxon missionary settled down in Deventer, the Low Countries. There is a strong connection between Deventer and its sacking by the Vikings. And a church in Lebuinus’ name still dominates Deventer’s skyline until today.


1035 – Death of Cnut the Great

In 1035, Cnut died an unremarkable death (given the little information in the sources about his passing). He had built and secured an empire. His son Harald Harefoot succeeded him.


1035 – Coronation of Harald Harefoot

Upon the death of his father Cnut the Great, Harald Harefoot was declared king of England. Among his first actions, he banished his stepmother Emma of Normandy and her son Harthacnut who fled to Flanders.

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