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13 December

clear glass bottle with milk

Arrival of Giljagau

Gully Gawk is second Yule Lad! He arrives on 13 December and leaves on the 26th. This fella comes down the mountain then hides in the gullies and when you’re not looking, he’ll come out and steal the milk!


862 – Marriage of Baldwin I of Flanders and Judith of France

This was a marriage of two formidable people Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald, had already survived two kings of Wessex when at seventeen, she eloped with the unknown count Baldwin. Her father wasn’t happy, but eventually approved their marriage and made Baldwin margrave of Flanders. Instead of withering away, he established a county of Flanders that would hold an important dynasty and commercial influence during the Middle Ages.


902 – Battle of Holme

When Alfred the Great died, he was succeeded by his son Edward the Elder. Yet Edward’s cousin, Æthelwold, felt he had a claim, too. He allied himself to the Danes in East Anglia to raid Edward’s realm. Yet, Edward defeated the Danes, but met Æthelwold and a Danish army on his way home. The Danes won, but Æthelwold died, and there was no longer any question who belonged on the Wessex throne.

See the article on HistoryExtra.com.

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