On This Day In The Viking Age
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13 September


813 – Coronation of Louis the Pious

Following a custom often held in early medieval times, Charlemagne elevated his son Louis to the highest ranks in the realm. Louis was already king of Aquitaine since 781 (he was three years old). In 813, Charlemagne crowned him co-emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor. After his father’s death in 814, Louis also became king of the Franks.


908 – Battle of Ballaghmoon

This battle was fought in county Kildare, Ireland. The High King of Ireland, Flann Sinna, created an alliance to fight the king of Munster, Cormac mac Cuilennáin. Cormac had made the mistake of sending an army to Leinster whose ruler was the High King’s son-in-law. But bishop Cormac’s army was in disarray and the fight against Flann Sinna quickly over. Cormac died falling from his horse in flight.

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