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29 July


796 – Death of Offa, King of Mercia

Offa rose to power in Mercia. He is best known for the dyke he built, the mints produced during his reign, his quarrel with Charlemagne, and a shady story of murdering his son-in-law. He left a legacy that crumbled very quickly after his death.

Read Simon Keynes’ article on History Today.
For the juicy story about his jealousy of his son-in-law see Historic UK.
A fine, brief post on the blog of the British Library.

1030 – Battle of Stiklestad

Another famous battle took place at a farm near Stiklestad just north of Trondheim, Norway. Olaf II, aka Olaf the Saint, was killed. He fought an army of Norwegian peasants and Danish warriors. After being severly wounded – Snorri Sturluson claims by Thorir Hund, but this is not supported by other sagas – he was carried from the battlefield and buried somewhere along the river near Trondheim. A year later his remains were brought to St Clement’s church.

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A reconstruction of the battle can be found on BazBattles.
You can visit the reconstructed farm!

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