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6 January

Yule Lads have all left!

By January 6, all the Yule lads will have left and returned to their home again – leaving their tricks and naughtiness for the next Christmas…

Viking ship

793 – Raid on Lindisfarne

The Viking attack that raised the fury of the medieval Anglo-Saxons.

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1017 – Cnut the Great

After Cnut‘s successful invasion of England, the English nobles accept him as their overlord on this day. His coronation, though, would only take place at Christmas.


1066 – Coronation of Harold II Godwinsson

Before Edward the Confessor passed, he chose Harold as his successor. Whereas the coronation often took place much later than the start of a reign, in this case, Harold made sure he was crowned literally the day after Edward died. The haste was significant.

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