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A Silver Hoard in Sweden

Featured Image: The archaeological site at Viggbyholm, Sweden (Flickr | © The Archaeologists, NHM | Viking silver treasure found in Täby in Stockholm).

In July 2020, at a site in greater Stockholm called Viggbyholm, archaeologists find several objects and building structures. At the time, they cannot immediately confirm these as Viking Age (see Viking or No Viking?).

Now, however, they know there is definitely a Viking Age settlement in Täby. In some cases, the houses on site even date back to the fifth century. Under the floor of one building the absolute treasure: a small hoard of silver in a ceramic pot. The linen pouch includes eight torque neckrings, “two arm rings, one ring, two pearls and 12 coin pendants (coins used as jewellery).”

(Flickr | © Acta Konserveringscentrum | Viking silver treasure found in Täby in Stockholm)

The jewelry is in fine condition. And there are coins are from England, Germany and central Europe, and even some dirhs. Very unique is a coin from Normandy from the tenth century: “According to Professor Jens Christian Moesgaard at Stockholm University, this type of coin has previously ever been identified from drawings in an 18th century book.”

See the article with detailed information and photos of the hoard on For all the photos and videos of the excavation, see their Flickr stream.

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