Hi! I’m Ingrid. Medieval literature is my passion since my university days. Aren’t the Middle Ages are a fascinating place? At least, I think so. Art and literature are in abundance in the High Middle Ages. Yet, it is the early medieval period that I am most interested in. The time when storytelling around the hearth transitions to writing down stories in manuscripts.

During my studies, I encounter the Old Norse sagas for the first time and it boggles my mind how these folks on a remote island in the Atlantic wrote amazingly beautiful and raw stories. Then, I’m lucky enough to receive Jane Smiley’s The Sagas of Icelanders as a gift. I still reread this enormous volume once a year. It is an inspiration, especially for my creative writing.

Now, research is necessary for academia, but it is also essential to creative writing. I’ve happily stored all my research on my laptop. But at some point my laptop turned into a black hole of scattered bits and pieces of information. On top of that, I wondered why I kept all this wonderful stuff to myself. Surely, there must be others out there who would find it useful, or be happy to read it? Therefore, The Viking Age Archive is actually my attempt to organise and share my research with you!

As a layman, I try to give my fellow laymen my take on the Viking Age. I research all my posts as much as I can to give you a balanced take on scholarly articles and public debate. And thankfully, there is JSTOR when one can’t run to the library! But please note that I am not a scholar and this blog is not peer-reviewed. I provide full references for the points I (try to) make, and links I believe are interesting reads. Should you wish to read more about a topic, these are your best place to start.

For a few household rules, I refer you to my introductory column.

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