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Adelaide of Italy

NameAdelaide of Burgundy, Saint Adelaide, Adelais
931 – 16 December 999
1076, canonised by Pope Urban II.
FamilyElder House of Welf
Parents are Rudolf II of Burgundy and Bertha of Swabia.
Marries (1) Lothair II (947) and (2) Otto the Great (951).
Children by Lothair: Emma. Children by Otto: Henry, Bruno, Matilda and Otto II.
Life947, marries Lothair II, king of Italy
948, gives birth to Emma.
950, upon her husband’s death she claim the crown of Italy. She is imprisoned by Berengaria II, Margrave of Ivrea, at Lake Garda.
951, she escapes her prison and asks Otto the Great for aid. He invades Italy and they marry thereafter. Otto is crowned king of Italy.
962, after Otto and Adelaide come to the aid of the Pope and defeat Berengaria of Ivrea once and for all, the Pope crowns them Holy Roman Emperor and Empress.
978, estrangement from her son Otto II and leaves his court.
983, returns to court as regent alongside her daughter-in-law for her grandson Otto III
985, returns to Lombardy.
991, she is sole regent for her grandson Otto III.
Soucres: Britannica, FMG, History of Real Women

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