Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Ælfgifu of Northampton

LifeAlfifa, Alfgiva, Ælfhelmsdotter (c. 990 – ? (after 1036)).
Queen Consort of England (1015-1016) Co-Regent of Norway (1030-1035).
FamilyMercian noble family.
Father is Ælfhelm of York.
Mother is Wulfrun of Northampton.
Married to Cnut the Great (before 1015).
Sons: Sweyn Cnutsson, Harold Harefoot.
EventsHer brothers blinded by Æthelred the Unready and her father killed by Eadric Streona (1006).
Rules Norway with her son Sweyn Cnutsson (1030-1035). Their taxes cause revolt among locals.
After Sweyns death, she returns to England around 1036. Probably aids her son Harold Harefoot to gain the English throne.
Sources: FMG, Nottingham Medieval Studies, PASE.

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