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An Unknown Swedish Runestone

The Västerviks Museum in Sweden has shared the discovery of an unknown runestone in Småland. Here follows my brief English summary of the Swedish text. For the original post and photo of the stone, see the original Facebook post of the museum.

A farmer found it years ago, but when he wanted to use it as a stepping stone, did he notice the carvings on one side. The area is known for a Viking hoard found in 2006 and this farmer’s land apparently yielded more Viking Age objects in the past years.

The stone is 2 meters tall and 1 meter wide. On the outer edge of the stone is a running loop of an animal biting its tail, in the center is a cross. Archaeologists of the museum date the carvings to the first half of the eleventh century based on the animal’s round head. The inscription reads:

Runeskerþar raisþi : stin : þansi : at : sitiarf – faþur : sin : buanta : aykerþaR
TranscriptionGerðarr ræisþi stæin þannsi at Sigdiarf, faður sin, bōanda Øygærðaʀ.
TranslationGärdar erected this stone after Sigdjärv, his father, Ögärd’s husband.
Runes and transcription are quoted from the museum’s Facebook post.
Google Translate was used for the English translation.

Further Reading

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