Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Anna of Kiev

NameAnna Yaroslavna, Red Agnes
(1036 – 5 Sep 1075-80)
FamilyRurik Dynasty
Father: Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prrince of Kiev
Mother: Ingegerd Olofsdottir, princess of Sweden
Married to (1) Henry of France (1051) and (2) Raoul, Comte de Valois (1061)
Children with Henry: Philippe, Emma, Robert and Hugh.
Life1051, marriage to Henry and crowned Queen consort of France.
1060-1061, regent of France for her son, Philippe.
1061, marriage to Raoul, comtesse de Valois.
1074, widowed again upon Raoul’s death.
Sources: FMG, Heroines of the Medieval World, Reimaging Europe

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