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Burial Mounds in Norway

Georadar is proving an excellent way of finding hidden parts of Viking Age history in Norway. In the area of Bodø, Nordland, archaeologists discovered an incredible 15 burial mounds. For now, they date the mounds on the basis of the shapes, ranging from the seventh through tenth century. Add to this mix another 32 oval ditches that may hold any archaeologists’ dream of Viking Age treasures.

Bodø is known for its Iron Age site and its importance in the seventeenth century. Yet, in light of this new discovery, among which a huge burial mound of 32m (!), it seems Bodø was also an important regional area during the Viking Age.

Read more on, or see the original press release on [in Norwegian with English summary].

Featured Image: Northern Lights Bodø (Pixabay / Tommy Andreassen).

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