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More Roman times in Scandi

There is yet even more evidence of Scandinavians incorporating Roman items into their own culture before the Viking Age starts. A find of seven gold pendants or bracteates came to light on a muddy field in Østfold, Norway, this week. They are locally made and instead of Roman scenes, they include “Norse gods and animal figures”. See the article on Science Norway or the Norwegian Science Blog [in Norwegian language].

Protecting the medieval law

In medieval Iceland, lawspeakers remembered the laws of their society by heart. They used this knowledge to resolve disputes at the thing. In the course of the Middle Ages, however, laws were written down. Now, it turns out that the scribes thought carefully about the process. About which parchment to use for law texts to avoid falsification. New research shows that they chose the parchment that is the hardest to scratch and thus, to remove text from! The academic article is in Open Access (see below), but there is also an fine read on Science News. Doherty, S.P., Henderson, S., Fiddyment, S. et al., ‘Scratching the surface: the use of sheepskin parchment to deter textual erasure in early modern legal deeds.’ in: Heritage Science Volume 9.29 (2021).

More on stave churches

A few times, stave churches appeared on this web site, such as here Dating Stave Churches in Norway. Today, I noticed a really good article on Atlas Obscura (reblogged on Viking Archaeology Blog) how people are currently trying to preserve these historical churches for the future. Why and how these old techniques are re-used today, is also mentioned on Science Norway and