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More books to read!

Kristin Lavransdatter is long on my reading list. I started once and need the patience to finish this big trilogy. But it’s about (late) medieval Scandinavia, so it will happen one day. Meanwhile, the Literary Hub, drew my attention to another of Sigrid Undset’s novel, Olav Audunssøn. This isn’t Viking Age, by the way, it’s the later Middle Ages: both Kristin and Olav take place in the thirteenth and fourteenth century.

A famous manuscript returning

The Trustees of the Chatsworth Settlement are donating the Book of Lismore to university College Cork. The manuscript was written for Lord of Carbery who lived at the turn of the sixteenth century. It contains hagiographies, medieval tales of Charlemagne and stories of local Irish kings, it even includes the travels of Marco Polo. Several worthwhile articles to read:, The Guardian, CELT (for a description of the contents), RTÉ (Irish broadcasting company).

Submerged medieval villages

The Netherlands is a country that has lost and reclaimed land from the sea over the ages. Islands inhabited as early as the Middle Ages, such as Urk and Schokland, used to lie in the Zuiderzee. Now, they are incorporated in the polder, the reclaimed land and you can actually reach them by car. Closeby, on the old shoreline, a maritime archaeologist discovered the sites of several more medieval lost villages. See the Dutch broadcasting company NOS for the Dutch language article. For an English version, see

Because it’s Halloween

Nothing confirmed yet, but archaeologists believe they have found witch marks on the church of St Mary in Stoke Mandeville, UK. A chapel stood on site in the 1070s, but whether the graffiti is from the Middle Ages remains to be seen, as far as I can tell… Read the original article on LiveScience, and the original press release on HS2.