Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Charles the Bald

NameCharles II
13 June 823 – 6 October 877
FamilyCarolingian Dynasty.
Father is Louis the Pious and Mother is Judith.
Married to (1) Ermentrudis (842, separated 867), and (2) Richildis (869).
He had 9 children with Ermentrudis, among whom Judith, Louis the Stammerer, Charles and Carloman. He had 5 with Richildis.
Life829, in August his father gives him the title Dux in Alemanni.
830, his brothers revolt against their father for granting Charles this land.
832, king of Aquitaine. When the kingdom falls back to his brother Pepin, he receives other lands in Francia.
840, upon the death of his father he becomes king of the West Franks. The war against his brothers Louis the German and Lothair continues.
841, battle of Fontenoy, Charles and Louis fight Lothair.
842, Treaty of Verdun, division of the empire among the brothers.
845, meets the Vikings on the Seine banks near Paris but loses devastatingly.
848, king of Aquitaine again.
858, his brother Louis the German tries to invade West Francia but fails.
866, pays ransom to the Vikings to end the siege of Melun.
869, Lothair II dies and Charles proclaims himself king of Lotharingia.
870, Treaty of Meerssen, the division of Lotharingia between Charles and Louis.
875, Holy Roman Emperor and king of Italy.
876, battle of Andernach where Louis the Younger, son of Louis the German, defeats Charles.
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