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The Climate and Greenland’s Viking Age Sites

The warmer temperatures on Greenland can lead to new discoveries of Viking Age sites, but it can also lead to the loss of data from new or known sites. This warning comes in a recent scientific report on Nature. Or, to quote the abstract:

All archaeological deposits are expected to experience a substantial loss, but the most rapid degradation seems to occur in the continental inland areas of the region, dominated by dry and warm summers. This suggests that organic remains from the Norse Viking Age settlers are especially under threat in the coming years.

This report is a pressing letter rather than a plan of rescue. It encourages scientists and archaeologists to make an inventory to target more easily the most vulnerable sites that need immediate attention. The issue, however, is that there are little to no funds, locally in Greenland or elsewhere, to develop a rescue plan.

See the article: Jørgen Hollesen et al, ‘Predicting the loss of organic archaeological deposits at a regional scale in Greenland.’ In: Scientific Reports Volume 9, art. 9097 (2019). Published 11 July 2019. Last accessed 17 July 2019.

For more information on Greenland, see Greenland and Lost Viking Settlements: 2. The Western Frontier (Part 2).

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