Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Cnut the Great

NameCnut Sweynsson, Canute I of England, Canute II of Denmark, Knud (?-1035).
King of England (1016-1035)
King of Denmark (1019–1035)
King of Norway (1028-1035)
FamilyJelling (or: Knýtlinga) dynasty.
Father is Sweyn Forkbeard.
Mother is unknown, perhaps Gunhild?

Married to: (1) Ælfgifu of Northampton (c. 1014?) (2) Emma of Normandy (1017).
Children: Ælfgifu: Sweyn Cnutsson, Harold Harefoot. Emma: Harthacnut, Gunhilda of Denmark.
LifeLeaves England after his father’s death in 1014.
Invades England in 1015 and besieges London in 1016.
Co-Ruler of England with Edmund Ironside until the latter’s death in 1016.
Pilgrimage to Rome in 1027.
Succeeds his brother as king of Denmark in 1018. After a struggle with Olaf Haraldsson also king of Norway in 1028.
Sources: Brittanica, FMG, The Empire of Cnut the Great.

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