Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Eadgifu of Wessex

LifeEadgifu of Wessex, Edwige, Ogive (c. 902 – after 955).
Queen consort of West Francia (898-929).
Queen consort of Lotharingia (911-929).
Countess of Omois (951-after 955).
FamilyHouse of Wessex.
Father is Edward the Elder.
Mother is Ælfflæd.
Husbands are (1) Charles III the Simple (919-929) (2) Herbert III ‘le Vieux’ (951).
Children: Charles: Louis IV.
EventsAfter her husband is deposed, flees with her son to England. (923).
Returns to France for the coronation of her son. (936).
Abbess of Notre Dame de Laon (936-951).
Abducted by and married to Herbert, Count of Omois (951).
Sources: British Museum, FMG, PASE.

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