Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Edward the Elder

c. 872 – 17 July 924
King of Wessex (899-924)
FamilyHouse of Wessex
Father is Alfred the Great and mother Ealhswith.
Siblings are Æthelflæd, Ælfthryth.
Married (1) Ecgwynn (c. 892), (2) Ælflæd (c. 901), (3) Eadgifu (c. 920).
Children by Ecgwynn: Ælfred, Æthelstan, Eadgyth.
He also had 9 children by Ælflæd and 4 more by Eadgifu.
Life893, Battle at Farnham.
902, Battle of Holme against Æthelwold who allied himself with the Danes.
909, Edward’s army plunders Northumbria.
910, Battle at Tettenhall on August 5.
910-918, builds fortresses around the country.
918, takes Mercia upon the death of his sister at the expense of her daughter. Rules all lands south of the Humber.
920, takes Northumbria.
Sources: Anglo-Saxons.net, Britannica, FMG

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