Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Godwin of Wessex

NameGodwin, Godwine.
(?) – 15 April 1053
FamilyFather is likely Wulfnoth ‘Cild’.
Mother is unknown.
Married to Gytha Thorkelsdottir (1013).
Children: Eadgyth, Svein, Harold, Tostig, Gyrth, Leofwine, Wulfnoth, Gunhild, Ælfgifu.
Life1014, receives Compton estate through the will of Æthelstan Ætheling (this links him to Wulfnoth).
1018, made Earl by Cnut the Great.
1036, supports Emma of Normandy opposing Harold’s claim to the throne.
1040, made Earl of Wessex by king Harthacnut.
1042, aids Edward the Confessor ascending the throne.
1045, his daughter Eadgyth marries Edward the Confessor.
1050, dispute with Edward over appointment of Archbishop of Canterbury.
1051, outlawed over refusing an order of the king. He flees England with his wife and three sons to Flanders.
1052, joins his son Harold (who was in Ireland) and sails for London. They are reinstated.
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