Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Haakon the Good

LifeHaakon Haraldsson, Hákon Aðalsteinsfóstri (c. 920 – 961).
King of Norway (c. 946 – 961).
FamilyFairhair Dynasty.
Father is Harald Fairhair.
Mother is Thora Mosterstong.
Daughter is Thora.
EventsFoster son to king Æthelstan. Baptised a Christian.
Return to Norway.
Fights Erik Bloodaxe for the crown and wins.
Banishes Erik Bloodaxe from Norway.
Battle of the Blood Heights (953). Erik’s sons with support of the Danes fight Haakon at Avaldsnes.
Battle of Rasterkalv (955). Erik’s sons come again.
Battle of Fitjar (960). Erik’s sons come for the last time. An arrow wound will slowly kill Haakon in the end.
Sources: Avaldsnes, Britannica.

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