Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Harald Hardrada

LifeHarald Hardråde, Harald the Ruthless, Harald III, Harald Sigurdsson
1015 – 25 September 1066
FamilyParents: Sigurd Syr of Ringeringe and Asta Gudbrandsdatter.
Married to Yelizaveta Yaroslavna (1044).
Children by Yelizaveta: Ingegerd, Maria. Children by mistress Thora: Magnus, Olaf.
Events1030, fights at the battle of Stiklestad alongside his half-brother Olaf the Saint. His brother dies and Harald flees to eastern Europe.
1030-1034, stays with Yaroslav the Wise, grand prince of Kiev.
1034, arrives in Constantinople and joins the Varangian guard. He rises to the rank of commander (under Empress Zoe) and gets very rich through this victories. The emperor dies and Harald blinds his successor (according to legend).
1044, Harald returns to Kiev and marries Yaroslav’s daughter.
1046, returns to Scandinavia. Joins forces with Sweyn II Estridsson to fight Magnus I, his nephew. Magnus offers Harald co-rulership.
1047, Magnus I dies in Denmark with no heirs. Harald is sole ruler of Norway and Sweyn Estridsson is king of Denmark. Harald spends years fighting Sweyn for the Danish throne.
1048, founds the city of Oslo.
1049, burns Hedeby.
1062, battle of Niså, he defeats Sweyn II.
1064, Harald signs a peace treaty with Sweyn II.
1066, turns his eye toward the English throne and allies with jarl Tostig and fights at battle of Fulford.
1066, turns his eye toward the English throne and allies with jarl Tostig. He dies at the battle of Stamford Bridge fighting Harold II Godwinson.
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