Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Henry IV of Germany

11 November 1050 – 7 August 1106
Duke Henry VIII of Bavaria, king Henry IV of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor Henry III.
FamilySalian Dynasty.
Parents are Henry III of Germany and Agnes of Poitou.
Married (1) Berthe de Savoie (1066) and (2) Ievpraxia Vsevolodovna of Kiev (1089, div. 1095).
Children with Berthe: Adelheid, Heinrich, Agnes, Konrad, Mathilde, Heinrich.
Life1053, installed as Duke of Bavaria
1056, succeeds his deceased father as king of Germany. His mother acts as his regent.
1062, kidnapped by the archbishop of Cologne who acts as his regent until 1065.
1069, seeks to divorce Bertha, but remains married after protest.
1070-1080, difficulties with his nobles, the papacy and the peasants.
1076, start of the Investiture Controversy, excommunicated by the pope.
1077, does penance in Canossa to be reinstated.
1080, excommunicated again. Henry installs the archbishop of Ravenna as the new pope Clement III.
1084, Clement III crowns Henry Holy Roman emperor.
1080-1097, campaigns in Italy.
1098, returns to Germany to change his succession from his eldest to his younger son.
1105, his younger son Henry rebels against him, but is defeated by his father in battle.
Sources: Britannica, FMG

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