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1017 – Marriage of Cnut the Great and Emma of Normandy

Was it a surprise that Cnut the Great and Emma of Normandy got married? Cnut the Great had just defeated Edmund Ironside and taken the English throne. He was married to Ælfgifu of Northampton and had two sons, Harald and Sweyn. Emma’s husband Æthelred the Unready (Edmund’s father) had died a year earlier.

This marriage benefitted Cnut and Emma greatly, but where they married isn’t clear to me.

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1086 – Olaf Hunger proclaimed king of Denmark

Olaf Hunger was one of the many sons of Sweyn Estridsson. His brothers king Cnut IV and Eric were afraid of his growing power and banished him to Flanders. When Cnut IV was murdered during an uprising, Olaf was proclaimed king and Eric (later Eric I) fled to Sweden.

See the entry for Olaf Hunger on DanmarksHistorien.dk

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