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A Lost Lewis Chess Piece

For the past six months, the experts at Sotheby’s have been busy verifying the authenticity of a small statue. Today, they confirm that this seems to be one of the lost pieces of the Lewis chessmen.

The story goes that in 1964 someone bought the piece for just 5 pounds from an antiques dealer in Edinburgh. Ever since, the statue, a warder with sword and shield, has lain in a drawer in a Scottish home.

A Lewis Chessman (Source: with kind permission by Sotheby’s).

The warder will come up for auction in July 2019. Hopefully, a museum will purchase it, or receive it as a loan. But even then, we will probably have to wait at least another year for the first academic publications.

Read the Sotheby’s press release here. It contains all the information you will find on most online news sources.

Early July 2019, this Lewis chess piece was sold off for 735.000 British pounds at auction to an anonymous buyer (The Guardian).

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