Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Matilda of Flanders

c. 1031-35 – 1083
FamilyHouse of Flanders
Parents are Count Baldwin V and Adele of France.
Married to Duke William of Normandy (1052-53).
They had 9 children: Robert, Richard, William Rufus, Henry, Agatha, Adeliza, Cecilia, Constance, Adela.
Life1066, Matilda gives William the ship Mora in preparation of his conquest of England.
1066 – 1083, despite being Queen of England, Matilda rarely visits England and spends most of her time governing the Duchy of Normandy in name of Robert, their son.
1077, Robert revolts against his father, Matilda secretly pays him and eventually gets father and son to make a truce.
Sources: The Low Countries,

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