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New Viking Age Ring in Leiden

The Museum of Antiquities in the Netherlands has acquired a Viking ring from its finder.

The silver ring dates back to the tenth century and is found in Hoogwoud just south of Wieringen in the province of North Holland. That was only recently on Christmas Day 2019! The ring is rather large at 25 mm diameter. That is why it is currently believed to be a small replica of a neckring, to be worn on a necklace (similar to the one as found in the Westerklief hoard). There is an intricate filigree lace in the twisted groove, making it look as it it is woven. (See the Dutch news site:

The Museum is closed these days, due to the situation with the Covid-19 virus (April 2020). However, the ring can be viewed in detail on the museum’s web site: Vikingring Hoogwoud. There is also a video with the conservator Middle Ages who explains more about the ring. The webpage is still in Dutch, but there is an English version of the video that you can find on the RMO’s YouTube channel.

See the ring on The Viking Age Archive’s Pinterest.

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