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A new Viking Hoard in Scotland

Last updated 23 December 2020.

A Viking hoard has been found in Galloway, Scotland in 2014 and immediately dubbed ‘The Galloway Hoard’. Among the layers are many arm rings usually found in Ireland, a wooden box containing golden items such as a ring and a pin in the shape of a bird. There is also a metal, Carolingian vessel with Anglo-Saxon brooches. In the middle of it all, is a leather pouch with probably linen and silk textiles, covering a rock crystal jar.

See the original article on Historic Scotland or more beautiful images of the hoard on National Geographic

In 2017, the National Museums Scotland acquire the hoard. But they make it clear it will take another two years before the hoard will go on public display. This allows the  to allow researchers to study the hoard before it will go in public display.

Videos showing the beautiful items from the hoard can be found on the National Museums Scotland YouTube channel.

By 2019, the Church of Scotland is suing the metal detector enthusiast who found the hoard. As the landowner, it claims a part of the £2 million. See the article on Metro.

The researchers also share their first findings in October 2019. One of the silver armrings has a name in Anglo-Saxon runes: ‘Ecgbeorht’. Various news sites report about this, among which The History Blog and Museum Crush.

In November 2020, Dr Martin Goldberg, senior curator, is publishing two posts about the hoard on the NMS blog. Read the first post (adorned with stunning phot: Golden Moments (1) and Golden Moments (2).

The National Museums of Scotland state that they are ready to launch a £1m project for three years to study the hoard. The hoard itself is scheduled to be exhibited in 2021 (See BBC).

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