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A Norman Coin in Sweden

Featured Image: Coin from Normandie, France (Flickr | © Acta Konserveringscentrum | Viking silver treasure found in Täby in Stockholm).

“According to Professor Jens Christian Moesgaard at Stockholm University, this type of coin has previously ever been identified from drawings in an 18th century book.”

A Silver Hoard in Sweden

The silver hoard discovered at Viggbyholm in Sweden last year has no official date, yet. Numismatists, however, date the Norman coin in the hoard to the late-tenth century.

The reign of Richard the Fearless

At the close of the tenth century, Richard the Fearless (d. 996) rules Normandy. He is Rollo’s grandson. From a young age, he struggles against formidable opponents to regain and keep his family’s rule over Normandy. By the end of his life, he rules the duchy with a steady hand. And the key to this success is his longtime alliance with local Norman and Viking army bands (see

In his recent article on The Conversation, professor Moesgaard notes the lack of evidence of (large) coin exchanges between Normandy and Scandinavia. This Norman type of coin appears only in an eighteenth-century book. Therefore, researchers long doubt its existence for the lack of further evidence. Now, it clearly exists. And, as a result, more questions arise. What can it tell about trade and travel between Normandy and Scandinavia? What is its significance in this hoard, and as a pendant? Many questions, and a hope for more discoveries that can help shed a light on this.

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