Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Otto the Great

NameOtto I
23 November 912 – 7 May 973
Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany, King of Italy
FamilySaxon Dynasty, Ottonian Dynasty (founder)
Parents are Henry the Fowler (Henry I) and Matilda of Ringelheim
Married to (1) Eadgyth of England (930) and (2) Adelaide of Italy (951)
Children by Eadgyth: Liudolf, Liutgarde. Children by Adelaide: Henry, Bruno, Matilda, Otto II.
Life936, succeeds his father as Duke of Saxony and king of East Francia
939, his brother Henry rebels against him
951, crowned king of Italy and marries Adelaide of Italy
953, his son Liudolf rebels against him
955, defeats the Magyars at Lechfield
962, crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
Sources: Britannica, FMG

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