Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Philip the Amorous

NamePhilip I, Philip of France, Philip the Fair
23 May 1052 – 29 July 1108
FamilyCapetian Dynasty
His parents are Henry I of France and Anna of Kiev.
His wives are (1) Bertha of Holland and (2) Bertrada de Montfort.
His children by Bertha are Constance, Louis VI, Henry, Charles and
Odo. His children by Bertrada are Philip, Fleury and Cecile.
Life23 May 1059, his father crowns him ‘associate’ king. He is educated by Baldwin V of Flanders.
1060, his father dies and Philip is crowned king. His mother Anne is regent alongside Baldwin.
1066, Philip assumes sole rule as king of France.
1071, victory at the Battle of Cassel against Robert the Frisian (of Flanders).
1072, marries Bertha of Holland, they have five children together.
1077, makes peace with William the Conqueror.
1092, marries Bertrada de Montfort despite the fact that they are both (!) married. They have three children together.
1094, excommunicated first by the bishop of Lyon and later by the pope for marrying Betrada.
Sources: Find a Grave, FMG, The Capetians: Kings of France 987-1328.

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