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The articles on The Viking Age Archive are regularly updated when exciting new or important missing information becomes available to me!


Stave Church by Frank Meitzke (Pixabay)
Updated April 2021

Dating Stave Churches in Norway

Added the paragraph on Preservation


Updated December 2020

A new Viking hoard in Scotland

New information about research funding

Updated November 2020

A new Viking hoard in Scotland

Added link to new NMS blog posts about the hoard.

Viking ship drawing
Updated November 2020

Gjellestad Ship

New study published.

tapestry drawing
Updated October 2020

Viking Age Tapestries: 3. Fabrication

Added a quote from Gísla saga Súrssonar

Updated September 2020

Understanding the Origins of Dublin

Added a new discovery during the recent excavations.

plaque near Maldon
Updated September 2020

The Battle of Maldon

Finally updated the chaotic footnote referencing.

Updated September 2020

More Genetic Information about the Viking Age

Added history Extra podcast link.

Updated September 2020

A Complete Hnefatafl Set

Added price this set sold for at auction.

Updated August 2020

The Swedish Runestone in Edinburgh

A new sketch added from 1829!

Viking ship drawing
Updated June 2020

Gjellestad Ship

The excavation has started!

Updated May 2020

The Briefest Book Review (13)

Added a podcast link.

Updated May 2020

The Germanic Languages of the Viking Age

Updated on the difference between Frankish and Romance language.

Updated April 2020

Virtual Vikings at the Museum

Added the University of Stavanger.

Ardnamurchan site
Updated March 2020

A Viking Boat on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula

Updated with information from 2019 excavation and a new image.

Lindisfarne photo
Updated February 2020

Lindisfarne Island

Added a History Extra podcast.

Updated February 2020

From Around the Web (36)

Added the link for the Smithsonian free images

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