On This Day In The Viking Age
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825 – Battle of Ellandun

Also called the battle of Wroughton. Fought between Beornwulf of Mercia and Ecghbert of Wessex. It would sway the balance of power to Wessex, leading his grandson Alfred the Great to make best use of it in his struggle against the Vikings.

Source: Youtube / History of Hilbert

891 – Battle of Louvain

After Alfred and Guthrum made their peace, many Viking bands moved to the European continent, particularly to West and East Francia. They had already sacked most of western and northern Francia by the time they set up camp in Lotharingia. The king of the East Franks, Arnulf, was fighting the Slavs in Bavaria, but turned to annihilate the Vikings after they solidly defeated one of his armies. The Viking leaders Sigrid and Gotfried died.

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