Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Sigrid the Haughty

NameSigrid the Haughty, Sigrid Storråda, Świętosława (?) (?-?).
Queen consort of Sweden (?-?).
Queen consort of Denmark (?-?).
FamilyFather is Skoglar Toste .
Mother is unknown or Slavic princess?
Husband is (1) Erik the Victorious (2) Sweyn Forkbeard (c. 1000).
Children: Erik: Olof Skötkonung Sweyn: Estrid Svendsdatter.
LifeRefuses the courtship of Olaf Tryggvason.
Marries Sweyn Forkbeard instead.
Sources: FMG, Swedish Biographical Lexicon.

Note: most details about Sigrid’s life are considered legendary, due to a lack of sources. She is also confused (or the same as?) with Gunhild, Sweyn Forkbeard’s first wife. In the saga’s she is considered Scandinavian. To the German scribes Thietmar of Merseburg and Adam of Bremen she is a Slavic princess. but also thought to be a Slavic princess, hence the confusion with Gunhild.

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