Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Sweyn Estridsen

LifeSvend II
c. 1020- April 1074
King of Denmark
FamilyHouse of Estridsen
Parents are Ulf Thrugilson and Estrid Sweynsdattir.
Married to (1) Gunhild Svensdatter (1052-54), (2) Gyda (div. 1055), (3) Thora Torbergsdatter.
Children by Gunhild: Sweyn the Crusader and by Thora: Magnus. And many more by mistresses: Gorm, Harald III Hen, Sigrid, Cnut II the Holy, Oluf I Hunger, Ingegerd, Erik I Evergood, Svend, Thorgils, Sigurd, Benedikt, Bjorn, Guttorm, Edmund, Ulf, Niels I of Denmark, Ragnhild, Helene, Carl.
Eventsc. 1020, Sweyn is born in England. His mother is the daughter of Sweyn Forkbeard and sister of Cnut the Great and Harald II.
1027, his uncle Cnut the Great orders the death of his father and Sweyn flees to Sweden where he serves under king Anund Jacob.
1030s, Harthacnut makes him jarl of Denmark and sends him on expedition to Norway.
1042, Harthacnut dies. He has agreed with Magnus II of Norway that the other will gain the country upon their death. Magnus is quick to make Sweyn a jarl of Jutland.
1043, battle of Lyrskov Heath leads the Danish nobles to crown Sweyn their king whilst Magnus is on expedition in Wendland. Magnus defeats him many times thereafter.
1045, Harald Hardrada returns from Byzantium. He and Sweyn join forces against Magnus until Magnus offers Harald a co-rulership that Harald accepts.
1047, Magnus dies and leaves Norway to Harald and Denmark to Sweyn.
1050s, Harald will not give up Denmark and they engage in a long war.
1062, battle of Niså is fought.
1064, after years Harald gives up his claim on Denmark and focuses on England instead.
1069, after Harald dies in England and William the Conqueror takes England, Sweyn supports Edgar Atheling and his English rebels.
1070, William offers Sweyn a large payment that he accepts and retreats from England.
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