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A Sword and A Settlement

Two news items that hit this week’s smaller headlines:

A Viking Sword found in the ruins of Patara, Turkey? Twitter is positively buzzing. Archaeologists found the sword during excavations in the ancient city of Patara. Though they have not confirmed the origin and date yet, their first impressions is that this dates back to the ninth or tenth century. The researchers also believe it’s Viking, and on Twitter scholars seem to agree based on the photos in the original news article. See the Archaeology News Network.

A Viking Settlement on the Hebrides, Scotland? A local archaeologist finds a bone pin and now the site is kept secret. Researchers first want to excavate here first before they can confirm anything about a possible settlement. See the Scotsman. This will be a nice one to look out for in future articles, for as part of the Kingdom of the Isles, there are still plenty of buildings and structures to discover on the Hebrides islands.

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