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Art exhibition

Ever thought about comparing Norwegian and Catalonian liturgical art from the Later Middle Ages? I know this is off topic ever so slightly – but I’m just fascinated. The exhibition in Barcelona is over, it ran from February to May 2020. But there is still the exhibition website with an informative video and the catalogue. See Museu Episcopal de Vic.

Live stream

For those of you with an RSS feed to my blog, I hope you read this in time! There’s a live stream on YouTube tonight at 20 hrs (if you live in the UK) by the British Museum. To quote the BM people in the comments: “broadcast live in 2014 from our blockbuster temporary exhibition Vikings life and legend.” Here’s the YouTube link: Viewer discretion advised by the BM, by the way.

Exhibition: Fries museum

A new exhibition on Vikings has opened in the Netherlands. ‘We, Vikings’ can now be visited at the Fries museum. The exhibition tells the story of the local community in medieval Frisia and how they dealt with the Vikings, the raiding as well as the trading. The exhibition will run until mid-March 2020. See the web site: Fries Museum.