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Only slightly out of focus

Sometimes I add a little pre-Viking Age context to the website. Here’s a little post-Viking Age context about climate change. The period of the Viking Age saw its own changes. I’ve referred to them in articles about Greenland, here and here. Just last week, Science Alert published an article about Europe in the fourteenth century. It had me thinking some more, at least, because it gives an interesting parallel (not analogue, mind you) read to the current climate debate.

Sidenote on Cookbooks

Medieval cookbooks, there are tv chefs who rejoice in cooking these old recipes. Whenever I see the result, I’m not so sure if I’d be happy to eat it. But that’s just my humbug. What cheered up my day, was this article about a medieval cookbook from c. 1300 called Libellus de arte coquinaria. It is one of the oldest cookbooks from medieval Europe with 35 recipes in Danish, Icelandic and Low German. Now, that’s something to learn more about! See the really fascinating article on

More books to read!

Kristin Lavransdatter is long on my reading list. I started once and need the patience to finish this big trilogy. But it’s about (late) medieval Scandinavia, so it will happen one day. Meanwhile, the Literary Hub, drew my attention to another of Sigrid Undset’s novel, Olav Audunssøn. This isn’t Viking Age, by the way, it’s the later Middle Ages: both Kristin and Olav take place in the thirteenth and fourteenth century.