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The Vindelev Hoard

Featured Image: Objects from the Vindelev hoard (Photo Credit: Vejle Museums). Imagine you’ve bought a metal detector and use it for the first time on the land of a friend. You discover a spot of gold and then uncover the richest and largest hoard ever found in Denmark! This amazing tale happened only recently in Vindelev near Jelling. Meanwhile, the Vejle museum has excavated the site. Archaeologists discovered the hoard was hidden in a longhouse. Considering this hoard has 22 gold objects, they currently conclude that this was probably the seat of a powerful chieftain. Unique Finds in the Hoard The hoard includes Roman coins. These have been turned into jewelry in a way that archaeologists have not seen before and needs further research to understand the techniques. One coin even dates back to the third century! This is the time that the Roman emperor Constantine the Great reigned. Also in the treasure are bracteates. These are thin gold medals made in Northern Europe during the Migration Period (see The Met Museum for another sample). …

Promoting the Staffordshire hoard

In the The Mystery of the Viking Age Helmet, I describe the Viking Age helmet in the Staffordshire. An early helmet that is, as the hoard is dated to the 6th-7th century. The Staffordshire hoard is now quite famous and has a wonderful web site and display at the museum. A further promotional approach to the hoard, is the creation of a huge statue. Read more about it in an interesting article on ArchaeoDeath blog.