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Birds of a feather

The boat burials of Valsgärde, Sweden, might be slightly before the Viking Age. But you’ll see them mentioned a lot in various articles on this site. A recent study reveals that the warriors in these burials were resting on feather beds. Read more: Birgitta Berglund and Jørgen Rosvold, ‘Microscopic identification of feathers from 7th century boat burials at Valsgärde in Central Sweden: Specialized long-distance feather trade or local bird use?’ in: Journal of Archeaological Science: Reports (Volume 36, 2021).

Viking or no Viking?

Archaeologists are excavating near Viggbyholm in Sweden. They have found objects dating to the fifth and sixth century, definitely Late Iron Age. There are also signs of possible Viking Age structural elements that might be signal a Viking Age farm. See the press release at Arkeologerna. Photos can be found on their Flickr account. If this turns into a bigger story – I will turn it into a news article!