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What happens to an unreported hoard discovery?

Back in 2015, two metal detector enthusiasts found in Herefordshire what is considered to be a Viking hoard. To quote The Telegraph: Among the priceless hoard was a ninth century gold ring, a dragon’s head bracelet, a silver ingot, a crystal rock pendant dating to the fifth century and up to 300 coins, some dating to the reign of King Alfred. At the time, they did not report the hoard to the appropriate authorities. Now, they have been convicted of stealing it and are awaiting their sentences. Meanwhile, still not all items of the hoard have been recovered. The Viking Archaeology Blog has an overview of the various newspaper articles that have been published on this item.

Coins from Estonia

Meanwhile in Estonia on the island of Saaremaa… not one but several hoards with Viking coins have been found. Two are dated around the second half of the tenth century and the late eleventh century. This warrants a longer article later this week! Read the original article on ERR (Estonian Public Broadcaster).