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The Fregerslev Viking

The Fregerslev Viking has been all over the news the past few weeks. It’s time to give you an update.

In 2012, Danish archeologists found a grave complex near Skanderborg and struck lucky in finding an exquisite horse bridle. This artefact is thought to date back to c. 950.

Two things make this find so sensational. One, the rich artefact suggests the Fregerslev Viking was a high-ranking person in society. Further clues in the grave might expand our knowledge on Viking Age society and its commanders. And two, it is quite rare to stumble on such special objects today. Many times, graves are already looted long before archaeologists start their work.

So why is this hot news five years later? Because, they are now going to excavate the complete site starting April 19, 2017.

Read more on the web site of the Museum of Skanderborg (in Danish). Or further articles on the Copenhagen Post Online and Medieval Histories website. Or watch this video:

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