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The Thing at Thynghowe

Woodland track east of Hanger Hill. Photo credit: Andrew Hill.

Robin Hood lived in medieval Sherwood Forest. Did he ever see Viking Age structures on top of Hanger Hill? Nowadays, there is not much to see. On the surface, that is.

About a decade ago, a husband-and-wife team suggested this a Viking Age site. The name of the area is Thynghowe and they believe this is the location of a Viking thing, or assembly. They received funding from the Heritage Lottery. Furthermore, they set up the Friends of Thynghowe Group. This allowed them to excavate and survey the site in the past years.

Recently, the Mercian Archaeological Services CIC conducted a geophysical magnetometer survey. It shows a circular outline on the hill as well as further areas of interest in the ground. The survey confirms evidence found in old maps and previous research. In short, the clues so far underline the idea that Thynghowe is a Viking Age assembly place.

Meanwhile, the Friends Group also encourages the site’s preservation. It is a recognised site on Historic England. There is a historical information board and a heritage trail.

One can only dream that this place still holds amazing finds. According to the researchers, all is possible. The hill is likely undisturbed, as it has always been part of a royal forest or protected woodlands. Read more here.

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