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Top 3 Viking Age Podcasts

If you’re done binging Netflix series, try binging on these terrific podcasts! To make it a little more convenient for you, here is my top-3 of the moment:

Njals saga manuscript

1. The Saga Thing

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, know that I’m a big big fan of the Icelandic sagas. Usually, I listen to an episode here or there from different podcasts. But that’s different with the Saga Thing. I am diligently listening episode after episode. The archaeological and historical knowledge these men have really bring the sagas to life. Best bit: their judgements from ‘Best Bloodshed’ to ‘Thingmen’.


2. In Our Time

The ever well-informed Melvyn Bragg interviewing academia’s best and brightest about the Viking Age. Check out the Early Middle Ages category.

3. The Rex Factor

These guys of the Rex Factor cover so much more than just a name or a topic. This feels like an ongoing discussion between friends who know a lot about their topics! Thankfully, they do a lot of early medieval stuff.

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