Who's Who in the Viking Age
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Tyra of Denmark

LifeTyra or Thyra of Denmark, Tyra Haraldsdatter (?-1000).
Queen consort of Norway (998-1000?).
FamilyHouse of Gorm.
Father is Harald Bluetooth.
Mother is unknown.
Sister of Sweyn Forkbeard.
Husband is (1) Styrbjörn the Strong (… – 985) (2) Burislaw of the Wends (…) (3) Olaf Tryggvason (998).
Children: Burislaw: Gunhild (uncertain).
EventsDivorces Burislaw several days after their marriage.
Both Snorre Sturlusson and Adam of Bremen mention she instigated Olaf’s travel to Wendland to retrieve her dowry. On the way back he was ambushed and died in the battle of the Svold.
Sources: FMG, Wikipedia.

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