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Viking Age Temple in Norway

In western Norway, on the shores of the Hjørundfjord lies the village of Ørsta. It is also the site of an extensive archaeological excavation by the University Museum of Bergen.

The archaeologists already found various buildings when they discovered the absolute highlight of the dig: a Viking Age temple. The structure is an impressive 14 meters long, 7 meters wide and 10 meters high with a high tower in the middle. Further evidence such as many cooking pits and animal bones point to its religious context. The temple compares to other temples in Scandinavia from the same period, and the archaeologists think it was likely dedicated to Odin – they hope to find actual evidence for this as the excavation continues.

See the Facebook group of the University Museum of Bergen for an informative video. Or read more on news site of NRK (in Norwegian) and Life in Norway (in English).

Featured image: Ørsta, as seen from Pølsa (Wikipedia / Jan Idar Sørheim).

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