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A Viking Sword in Finland

A Viking Sword in Finland. (Source: / Marianna Niukkanen / Museovirasto)

Viking Age history in Finland is still something of an enigma. But scholarly research is steadily emerging and adding to the ever-expanding knowledge on the Viking era. And when something does pop up, it’s bound to be all over the Finnish news. Such as in September 2017, when the Finnish public broadcaster Yle reported about a Viking Age discovery.

The scene of interest is the Loppi area in southern Finland. A land owner watched an amateur archaeology group on television and invited them to excavate on his land. They promptly found a burial. After they left, he took a metal detector and discovered a shallow cremation cemetery and a Viking Age sword. Upon finding the sword, the land owner contacted the archaeology group again who in turn informed the National Board of Antiquities. Researchers then performed a full excavation of the site and found a knife in its sheath, a brooch, a bone comb, and an axe along with an ash urn. The sword will go on display at the National Museum in Helsinki in 2018.

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